Fireplace Mantel: How To Decorate It Appropriately?

Fireplace mantel is that place in your home which might be neglected in terms of decoration. Since the fireplace becomes a place of central focus in your living room, it is essential that the fireplace mantel is decorated appropriately so that the overall look of the fireplace area is enhanced. You must utilize your decorative and imaginative mind to accessorize your fireplace mantel so that the guests can get a chance to appreciate the look of your living room whole-heartedly. Here are certain smart tips that will help you decorate the fireplace mantel attractively and beautifully.

You can use photographs and pictures to decorate your fireplace mantel. Hang a large family portrait in the fireplace mantel to give a personal feel to it. An elegant and stylish wall clock can also be installed in the fireplace mantel. If an antique wall clock is compatible with your living room décor then you can install it only as it will look perfect above the fireplace mantel.

If you go out for many vacations then you can use the vacation souvenirs such as some art work created by local artisans, knick-knacks, seashells etc. to beautify your fireplace mantel. Any artwork created by your child can also be displayed on the fireplace mantel. Along with that, you can even display the awards and certificates won by your child on the mantel to show him/her your love.

In case you like collecting dolls, tea cups, crockery, show pieces and so on then you can show off your collections to your guests by using it to accessorize the fireplace mantel. Keep the decorations of the mantel flexible so that you can transform it to symbolize holidays and special occasions like Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries etc. You can even use smart quotes or sayings to decorate your fireplace mantel suitably.

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